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 Swimitation is a method based on Aquatic Physical Therapy: exercises carried out in Swimitation bath horizontally with supported body trunk in warm water (34 C). The session is automated: there are 5 unique workout videos (ca 52 minutes) to be followed from the screen in the ceiling.

Swimitation Aqua Shape 50 min

 Water compensates the gravity, provides resistance and massages. This ensures release of joints, increased blood and tissue fluids circulation. The patented support for the body trunk provides predictable water environment and results in efficient and effortless training of slow twitch muscles (including the stabilizers or the core). This happens because the work of strength muscles is minimized – the body or the mind does not have to deal with thermoregulation or gravity or body positioning. This environment, warm (34 C) water with horizontal and supported body result in: 1) release of joints and increase of range of movement; 2) relief of muscle tensions; 3) efficient training of slow twitch muscle tissues and stabilizers.

 SLOW TWITCH MUSCLES TRAINING. Athletes have the special need for healthy and strong slow twitch muscles for the healthy bones and joints as well as for the performance of strength muscles. Slow twich muscles take over the work when the strength muscles fail: therefore, slow twich muscles are important in injury prevention and maximum performance of specific effort. Swimitation efficiently cuts the work of strength muscles and therefore slow twitch muscle tissues can be efficiently trained and developed.

 METABOLIC RECOVERY. Recovery between training sessions (also called metabolic recovery) is crucial in the pursuit of intense physical training. Active recovery is found to be more efficient than passive. Swimitation is ideal for active recovery. Athletes can train more when Swimitation recovers the body.

 INJURY RECOVERY. Aquatic physical therapy is often a first recommendation after an injury, as exercise in water increases blood and tissue fluid flow and promotes healing.

 NON-SPECIFIC TRAINING. Athletes have well-developed muscles specific to their sport. Other muscles support those muscles and the overall physical development of the athlete. Swimitation is a great help in that. Swimitation is ideally suited to athlete’s micro and macro training cycles and competition cycles.


Contraindications: fever, open wounds

Duration of the procedure: 50 min, independently. Turnaround-time 1,5-2 h.

Take with you your swimwear, towel and shampoo – as if you were going to swim in public pool. Before and after the procedure, please take a shower.  

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Swimitation session 26 €

3 sessions 70 € (-10%)

6 sessions 125 € (-20%)

Take Physical Therapist with you to your Swimitation session to diagnose problems, train symmetry etc – add 20 €/session.

Swimitation Water Aerobics 50 min