General information - Tehvandi in summer

Tehvandi Sport Center is a suitable place for organizing trainings and competitions, as well as for spending your vacation in an active and athletic way.
For trainings, we have payable sports facilities that are maintained daily: 6.2 km roller ski track, ski-jumping hill K90, biathlon shooting ranges of the stadium and Ansomägi, outdoor court for basketball and volleyball near the garage building of Tehvandi, a gym in the garage building of Tehvandi, a stadium for sprint, hurdle race, long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, discus throw and javelin throw trainings and the stadium’s football field for playing in a large field or half-size field with training gates. A 5-km trail for imitation running is available for free (marked with boards of blue arrows).
Reservations of, payments for and information on sports facilities as well as the issuance of keys are available at the administration of Tehvandi hotel.
Normally, the stadium is available for trainings every day at 11.00-17.00 (for trainings reserved earlier according to the timetable between 8.00-20.00). Changing and washing rooms and saunas are in the stadium building. The stadium is accessible through its main gate or building.
Reservations of, payments for and information on the stadium as well as the issuance of keys are available at the administration of the stadium building. You can also rent discs for Disc Golf at the administrator's.
For amateurs and vacationers, we have hiking trails that can be passed on foot (marked with boards of red arrows) or by bicycle (marked with boards of yellow arrows), Tehvandi - Munamägi light traffic road, Tehvandi health trail (marked with boards of green arrows), a village swing on Neljakasemägi, Tehvandi Disc Golf Park with 18 courses, the viewing platform of Tehvandi jumping hill (for a charge, open Wed-Sun at 11.00-19.00). OÜ Otepää Seikluspark offers attractive services in the territory of Tehvandi for visiting Otepää Adventure Park.
For parking, we have the stadium’s large car park, Tehvandi main building's upper car parks and a car park on the trail of Tartu Maraton (users of Disc Golf Park), a car park near the stadium’s shooting range (users of the shooting range) and a car park near the back tower of the jumping hill K90 (visitors of the viewing platform) available for the users of Tehvandi sports facilities. NB! The car parks are only for the users of the sport center, and speeding and performing car tricks are forbidden there!
 The roller ski track, running, hiking and health trails are accessible through the upper car park of the main building by the gate of the maintenance house near the stadium. The roller ski track is also accessible through the stairs of the shooting range tribune of the stadium. The hiking trail passable by bicycles starts near the shooting range car park of the stadium on the trail of Tartu Maraton.
 In the territory and on the trails of Tehvandi Sport Center, it is forbidden to move around with motor vehicles or mopeds or ATVs. Walking pets is forbidden in the sport trails of Tehvandi. For the safety of roller skiers, it is forbidden to walk, ride a bicycle and roller-skate (except for 1.3 km from the roller-skating and shooting range stadium to the first bridge) on the roller ski tracks of Tehvandi. While using Tehvandi Disc Golf Park, users have to ensure safety in throwing and consider the people training on the running trails of the park territory, and for users of the park it is categorically forbidden to walk on the roller ski tracks.

 In order to make a reservation to use Tehvandi sports facilities and get information on prices and terms and conditions, please contact the administrator of Tehvandi hotel, tel 76 69 500 or or the administrator of Tehvandi stadium building, tel 76 69 422 or  

See also information on facilities and summer track schemes on our homepage

Information on events taking place in Tehvandi Sport Center and restrictions of use are always available on this homepage

 Have a wonderful summer holiday and great sports experiences in Tehvandi Sport Center - the No. 1 Sport Center of Estonia!