COVID information

Dear Visitor!


Due to the restrictions established by the Government of the Republic of Estonia, as of 26 August, all customers over the age of 18 staying at Tehvandi Hotel or holiday cottages, who use gyms, conference rooms, the cafe or restaurant and/or outdoor courts with limited areas, must present a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination, proof of previous recovery from the coronavirus or a negative test result.


Customers (from the age of 12) who do not use the aforementioned services of our sports center and do not present a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, must wear a mask indoors.


When it comes to organized events (competitions, conferences, seminars, sports camps, etc.), the certificates will be checked by the event’s organizer and the confirmations will be submitted to the administrator of the sports center. Individual visitors will be inspected by the administrator of the sports center.


Hoping for your kind and understanding consideration on this matter,

Tehvandi Sports Center